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Our goal was to build a treadmill that people would want to use instead of running outside, even if weather conditions were perfect. No small task to say the least. But our treadmill product engineers are runners too, so they welcomed the challenge. In the end, they built the dream machine, a revolutionary treadmill that's fully-loaded with patented technology and exclusive performance features. Our treadmills are powerful running, walking, and jogging machines that are the top choice among exercise enthusiasts around the world. From the introductory model to the ultimate home version of our club model, there's nothing like training on a Life Fitness T-Series, F-Series, Club or Platinum Club Series Treadmill.

It tests your desire, not your joints
A new challenge awaits every time you step on the deck, which, by the way, is equipped with our FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System. This patented system reduces shock and impact to the knees, back, and joints by nearly 30% compared to other treadmills. Plus, you can adjust the cushioning of the deck on the T7-0 to mimic different outdoor running surfaces or suit the preferences of different users in your household. And because the Lifespring™ shock absorbers found in the FlexDeck are nearly indestructible, the flex experienced during the first use will be the same flex experienced in all subsequent workouts, even years later. Our treadmills offer a lot in the way of personal satisfaction as well. There are several motivating programs like HeartSync™ workouts, Sport Training™ workouts, and EZ Incline™ workouts.

Put your heart into your workouts
All of our treadmills offer interactive heart rate monitoring and HeartSync™ heart rate controlled workouts (Advanced Console only on the F3 and T3). Get the most out of your workouts with the Polar® wireless heart rate monitoring chest strap or, on the T7-0, Club and Platinum Club Series, the digital contact hand sensors. Simply choose any HeartSync program and the treadmill incline automatically adjusts in 0.1% increments to keep you in your target heart rate zone. The patented Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring system uses three separate technologies to digitally filter noise that may disrupt the reading of your true heart rate, so you’re sure to get a safe, effective workout every time.

It's built for the long run
Our treadmills work just as hard as you do. Under the hood is the state-of-the-art MagnaDrive™ Motor System featuring a 10-year motor warranty on our F3, T3, T3-0, T5-0, T5-5, and T7-0 models and a lifetime motor warranty on our Club and Platinum Club Series model. This ultra-quiet, ultra-smooth system combines our powerful continuous-duty motor with a custom-designed motor controller and advanced cooling system. The system automatically communicates with the console and adjusts to the precise power you need depending on your weight. It's a smart motor system with enough horsepower to last a lifetime.