Helo Sauna

The decision to reward yourself with a sauna goes hand in hand with choosing Helo . Helo is the oldest name in sauna and steam bathing---beginning in Finland almost 90 years ago. Since arriving in the U.S. more than 40 years ago, more American architects have specified helo than any other brand.

Helo has become the world’s largest sauna and steam manufacturer through innovation, product development and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Helo saunas, at first glance, are very impressive; they become even more so upon careful examination

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Especially when it comes to high-end products for the wellness industry, physical therapy and nursing. Trautwein baths and wellness systems are installed at hotels, physiotherapy surgeries, nursing homes and private homes – anywhere people like to relax or enjoy a treatment. Over 10.000 satisfied customers all over the world value our expertise and ability to meet individual needs – in design and functionality. Trautwein stands for well-being in every aspect.

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Living Earth Crafts

Living Earth Crafts manufactures the highest quality spa equipment for some of the most exclusive spas and resorts in the world. The products are made with the highest quality which is why they are known for their continuous innovation, outstanding value, and excellent customer service

Zodiac Pools

Zodiac Marine & Pool enjoys worldwide recognition for its expertise in the marine and pool business. Zodiac's know-how is demonstrated in its unique products, its industrial techniques and its international notoriety. Product lines are designed to meet the increasingly specific requirements of the public and professionals.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

A Beachcomber Hot tub lets you take a daily vacation and share time with your family in your own backyard. Born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Keith worked in his family’s restaurant alongside his mom and dad. That’s where he learned the value of work – the restaurant business is an immediate, consumer business where customer service simply works, or not. The family worked hard to make the restaurant a huge success. His next passion became fine European Automobiles like Bentley, Mercedes and Morgan. Owning and driving these cars gave him a love for quality, workmanship and fine design, and he applied these same principles to his hot tubs after starting Beachcomber on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1978.  

In its 30 years of existence, the Beachcomber marque has amassed an unmatched wealth of history, experience, heroic deeds and true stories. The company’s effortlessly powerful, hand built hot tubs have a presence and personality all their own, a style that is instantly recognizable whether on a veranda in Italy, or on a small deck in Anchorage.


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