Fit Series Strength


Maximize Your Space and Budget

The Fit Series is the ideal solution if your facility has limited space and a limited budget. This affordable strength training equipment makes the most of a small area and includes a complete line of multi-station units, dual and multi-purpose exercise machines, benches and racks. And the easy-to-use, attractive equipment features the durability you expect from Life Fitness. Fit Series fits…anywhere.


Fit 3 Multi-Gym Pec Fly/Rear Delt Adjustable Bench
Fit 1.0 CM Hip Abduction/Adduction Flat Bench
Dual Adjustable Pulley Abdominal / Back Extension Adjustable Ab Bench
Smith Machine Biceps/ Triceps 45 Degree Back Extension
Power Rack Lat Pulldown / Low Row Vertical Knee Raise/ Dip
    Multi-Press Olympic Flat Bench
    Leg Curl/ Leg Extension Olympic Incline Bench
    Leg Press / Calf Extension Olympic Plate Tree
        Vertical Dumbell Rack
        3 Tier Dumbell Rack
        Hexagonal Dumbell Rack
        Saddle Dumbell Rack