Pro2 Series Strength


Built for the Long Haul

The Pro2 Series is strength equipment that stands up to your countless demands. Your facility. Your users. Your trainers. We took our popular Pro Series lineup - the equipment you've known and respected for years - and made it even tougher, with smarter biomechanics, and more reliable features. Pro2 Series Strength. It's fundamental to any facility's strength offering. And it's one of the many strength-training choices from a single source...Life Fitness.


Biceps Curl Hip Abduction Back Extension
Biceps Curl Hip Adduction Abdominal Crunch
Fixed Pulldown Horizontal Calf    
Lateral Raise Leg Curl    
Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid Leg Extension    
Seated Row Seated Leg Press    
Shoulder Press Seated Leg Curl    
Triceps Extension Hip and Glute    
Assisted Dip Chin        
Chest Press        
Pectoral Fly