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Circle Series - H Recumbent Bike
Circle Series - H Upright Bike

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Lifecycle® Exercise Bikes are the pride of Life Fitness. They are fitness classics with innovative performance features that have inspired generations of exercisers. Settle into the seat, go for a test ride and you’ll know why these bikes have been the number one best-selling indoor exercise bike for the past 30 years. The facts don’t lie. If you want the best indoor exercise bike, choose a Lifecycle upright or recumbent bike. It’s the best way to bring the health club experience home.

Brainpower meets horsepower
Unparalleled workout variety includes HeartSync™ heart rate controlled workouts, Interval Training, Sport Training™, customized workout programs and Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring. Is your heart racing yet? With so many features and motivating workouts, there’s no need for a personal trainer. If the advanced programs are the brains of Lifecycle exercise bikes, then the Poly V belt-drive and self-powered alternator systems are the brawn. So whether you’re shedding pounds or training for a race, you can put the pedal to the metal, and your Lifecycle exercise bike can take the punishment.
Surprisingly quiet and easy to use
Don’t be fooled by all of its technically advanced biomechanics and innovative programming features. Lifecycle exercise bikes are extremely easy to use since we wrote the book on intuitive console design and smart exercise feedback. Adjusting programs or switching from one program to another can be done on-the-fly, so you don’t have to interrupt your workout. Just select your program, set your pace, and go. And because the self-powered alternator system provides super-quiet riding, you can workout in stealth mode (or at least watch your favorite TV show in peace).
A luxury ride that always motivates
Life Fitness invests a lot of time and energy in ensuring proper exercise biomechanics and ergonomics in our exercise machines—more than other fitness equipment manufacturers. Testing, research, and quality control checks ensure every bike that comes off the line measures up to the quality standards established for all Life Fitness products. Over the years, we have also introduced new improvements to our Lifecycle bikes. The Comfort Curve Plus™ seat, precisely angled knee-over-pedal positioning, WideRide™ self-leveling pedals, and the ability to choose your own console are just a few of the features that make our bikes the best indoor exercise bikes available.
It’ll last a lifetime
Meticulously designed and engineered, Lifecycle exercise bikes reflect the quality and durability you expect from Life Fitness, the manufacturer of the #1 brand of fitness equipment in health clubs worldwide. Underneath the sleek, impact resistant exterior is a robotically welded steel frame that is so well built, it comes with a lifetime warranty. So while lots of exercise equipment loses its appeal and turns into a clothes hanger after a couple years of use, Lifecycle exercise bikes continue to deliver the ultimate indoor riding experience, year after year.

*Features described above are not available on every model. Please see specifications for availability.